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Please follow the parking lot procedures to ensure smooth traffic flow at drop off and pick-up times. Mutual courtesy and respect, a desire to model those for our children, and improving your day and that of other parents require all of us to be considerate of others.
The two lanes through the parking lot each have a specific purpose.
  • The right lane is for parents to pull up, allow their child to open the door, get out (or in) and pull forward and back into the exiting traffic.
  • If in this lane, parents should not exit the vehicle or need to help their child with clothes, backpack, etc. Those in the outside lane are generally in a hurry and while willing to be courteous, become frustrated when a car is stopped in the drop-off zone for more than about 15 seconds.
  • Vehicles should pull as far forward in the drop-off zone as possible before stopping to let their child out (into) the car. This enables more students to exit vehicles at the same time and keeps things moving more smoothly.
  • The left lane is for parents or children who will need to take more time to get out of (or into) the car. If children will need help getting their backpacks together, need help getting coats on, or are simply resistant to getting out of the vehicle and need a parent to be physically involved, parents are required to park in a parking space.
By simply adhering to these expectations, our environment for parents and students can improve dramatically. Please do your best to follow these procedures even if there are no staff outside to monitor or encourage following these procedures.
Please also be aware that the school is open for students at 7:20. All students may enter the cafeteria at that time and read, do schoolwork, or talk with their friends.
It is important for students to be on time and arrival during the rush at 7:50 am. A can result in a student being late to class at the 8:00 am bell. Students are supervised and at 7:50AM even have the opportunity for organized exercise and social time during the morning walk. The parking lot and transition time in the parking lot have never been an issue before 7:50AM. Thanks for caring, and working together to ensure a better school for our children and ourselves.