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Please contact our attendance clerk at (831) 899-1100 Ext. 3196 to report any student absence or if you have any questions regarding attendance. 

When students are absent from school, they are missing valuable instructional experiences and lessons that often cannot be made up. When children are out due to an illness that can’t be helped it is an excused absence. Some absences can be avoided like doctor and dental appointments. Many doctors understand the importance of students not being disrupted from their class lessons and will make appointments after school.


If your child is out for an illness for 5+ consecutive days, a doctor's note is required to excuse the absences.


If your child will be out for 5 - 15 days, please arrange to have an Independent Study Contract completed through the office at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the absence. 



SEptember is Attendance AWARENESS month

September is attendance awareness month, and we would like to remind families the importance of students being on time and present each day at school. 
Here are a few friendly reminders: 
  • Please make sure your student arrives to school on time:
                 Middle School 7th-8th Grades - 7:50 AM
                 TK-6th Grades -  8:00 AM
  • If students are going to be absent, please make sure you report the date of absence/s by one of the following methods: 
  1. Call the school attendance clerk at 831-899-1100 ext. 3196 or leave a voicemail. 
  2. Email Mrs. Aispuro at
  3. Respond to the Attendance Notices or auto calls. 



At 8:00am, all gates, except the office gate, are locked. Students entering the office gate after 8:00am are required to:

1.  Go to the office before going to their classroom

2.  Get a late slip from the office staff

3.  Go to their classroom and present the late slip to their teacher